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an audio/visual factory in the western united states
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• My friend said: Your website is a mess. Websites should be simple, easy to read, not bogged down with unnecessary garbage or confusing diatribe. It’s not that I’m completely submerged in commercial suicide, but it does seem futile and unrealistic to think that people might stumble here by way of accident or ‘google’ algorithm, without being somehow directed to me in commiseration or mutual interest or without direct request for information. In any case, “Welcome” like it says there and do know that I can always expand ad infinitum, should any of you care to write with further inquiry.

• The media works of a Mr. gibbs chapman are distributed here, via direct inquiry to non productions, and via Canyon cinema, and Revolver usa & online via something called Fandor.com and at a YouTube ‘channel’ known as ‘nonprod.’

• By the way, try to get in the habit of referring to people who make videos as videomakers and people who make films as filmmakers – super thanks.

• The musical endeavor ‘wintermittens’ is long dead, but recordings can still be had if one would like to contact us about such matters.

• As for a hollow threat: If you steal these images among these pages and use them for your own weasel capitalist maneuvering without plugging my work, I’ll track you down and pee in your underwear drawer. And I gotta pee often.
Photo by Cat Lam
Last updated: 1.2017